Having launched our two first products for sale and having numerous other products on the drawing board, the time has come to create a specific product strategy to plan ahead better and synch pipeline with financials.

Until now we employed a laissez fairez approach to our pipeline because our first serial productions was all about trial and error, so it was pretty much impossible to draft and follow strategies. Having safely landed two products with complex production processes we have learned a lot and are ready to systematize our approach to the products we develop.

Why do you need a product strategy and plan ahead when it’s much more fun to just do what you want to do?

  • We need it so Rune knows what kind of products in terms of complexity, costs and timeframe he should work on at any point in time through the year
  • We need it to estimate costs and revenue over the long term so Andreas can draft realistic forecasts and plan our financials
  • We need it at as a timeframe for product launches to kick Rune in the butt so he can finish the design on time and to kick Andreas times two in the butt so the marketing and distribution strategies are ready on time

Below is the summarized version of our product strategy – and also a peek into our pipeline – woohoo what a privilege!

Any ideas you have for products are welcome if they fit the bill – shoot Rune an email or stop by the store and tell us what you have in mind. Any thoughts on the strategy are welcome as well – as any strategy – our strategy is incomplete and subject to change. Please comment underneath.

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MAKER GUYS N GIRLS: you can now download our newest bike crate design FREE and use a digital fabrication provider near you to cut out the designs – change the size, hack it, remove the logo or whatevs but remember the hashtags when you post the process…. ‪#‎thebikecrate‬ ‪#‎wood15L‬
Find the download files and more here:product page @ thebikecrate.com
and more here: photo album from The Bike Crate FB page



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MAIK is about to embark on an exiting journey into the world of pretotyping in collaboration with a team of students.
By using various pretotyping techniques – some of which originates from the author and inventor of ‘pretotyping’ Alberto Savoia – we will conduct experiments that will help us reach the goal of the experiment: to create a new powerful design brand!

Along the way we will document the process as we get more experiences with pretotyping, invent new models for pretotyping, try out different business models for the new brand, get our hands dirty with communication strategies, test out messages and target audiences, design exiting and cool products, play with packaging and customer experiences, sell test products and get feedback…and a whole lot of other fun stuff!

Contact us if you want to learn more about our experiment – and go to Alberto Savoia’s page, to learn more about pretotyping and read the free prototype book “Pretotype It”.

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While working with the upcycling theme in our spin-off-brand BASTARD, we kept wanting to create something bigger and long-lasting than a furniture brand. We were lucky enough to meet some truly inspiring and cool people, and with them we’ve dedicated a lot of time in creating the BASTARD FESTIVAL!
The Bastard Festival is a celebration of upcycling, life-hacking, re-mix, re-design and co-creation, and it will be held in Helsinor June 21st and 22nd.

Please visit www.bastardfestival.dk for more info on the festival.

Here’s some of the workshops and activities from the festival:

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Great article by the Danish cyclist union (Cyklistforbundet) – lots of comments on the subject of gender specific bicycle baskets.

Link to online article at Cyklistforbundet

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Århus Stiftidende

The regional paper “Århus Stiftidende” brought this fine article about the new bike crate models! Thanks Stiften!!

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March 23rd marked the launch of our new website TheBikeCrate.com along with the release of two completely new bike crate models as well as a handfull of cool accessories.
We will use The Bike Crate brand as our channel to promote the bicycle culture and we will continue to release new products and develop the concept.

Be sure to pay us a visit at Facebook.com/TheBikeCrate/ and check out all the new products @ TheBikeCrate.com

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More news from our child brand BASTARD (www.bastardmøbler.dk)!

BASTARD has created this beautiful bench made from wooden masonry scaffold elements.
The scaffold elements are originally produced by HAKI in Sweden, and they have been in use in Denmark for many years, which gives them their rough looks.
BASTARD takes them in, treats them carefully, and re-designs them into these functional and irresistible benches.

They will be a sure hit this Spring!

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BASTARD (the company formerly known as RE:FURN) has now been founded as an individual company.
Incubated by MAIK of course.

We invite you to visit our new website (bastardmøbler.dk) and to follow us on Facebook.

If you are interested in purchasing a BASTARD coffee table, please contact Joakim on +45 40795000 or write an email to joakim@bastardmoebler.dk with your name, phone number and which table size you are interested in (Ø70 – Ø110) and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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Our up-cycling furniture project RE:FURN has been chosen to continue in Afsnit I’s idea competition and we would like to invite you along.

With RE:FURN we want to create a contemporary and innovative brand, that designs and produces sustainable furniture from already existing industrial products that would otherwise have been discarded. RE:FURN is a celebration of the raw, the patinated and the unpretentious in industrial products that each have their own story to tell.

Afsnit I is an international innovation camp, competition and festival for entrepreneurs, idea makers, designers, students, artists, inventors and anyone else with an original idea that has the potential to make the world a better place.
You can read more about the competition here http://www.afsniti.dk/.

We are now heading for a 3 days innovation camp at the old buildings of Hørsholm Hospital together with 16 other chosen projects. The camp is concluded with a 2 day festival, where the projects are presented and the best project is awarded with a prize.
The festival takes place on Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of October at the former Hørsholm Hospital – and everyone is welcome.

Please stop by during the festival days and check out all the cool, fun and innovative projects and not least the exciting cultural program. We would really love to see you there and we are really looking forward to brainstorm, spar, network, brood, formulate, create and work hard in order to make a great project and a great presentation.
You can check out the program here http://afsniti.dk/program.php

Sign up for our Facebook Event so that you can follow the process through pictures and links for blog posts at our webpage or if you are considering stopping by.

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ALT interior

We are happy to have made it to the frontpage at ALT interior!

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Cover Kids

In the August edition of Cover Kids, our beloved BUILD & DESTROY is featured with a one pager. Photography by Lior Zilberstein.

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We are excited to let you know that our first collection of RE:FURN coffee tables has been a success. Following mentions in both RUM and Lookbook we only have five tables left – which has convinced us to continue producing new ones in the time to come!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for more exiting product launches from MAIK during this Summer!

Keep in touch!

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Lookbook Interior&Design

“Lookbook Interior&Design” has done a remarkable job writing a post on RE:FURN. Thank you Caroline!
Head over to the blog for the full blog post (in Danish).

For more info on the RE:FURN tables, please see our Products section.

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RUM Magazine

This small mention of RE:FURN was to be found in the No. 06 June edition of Rum.

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Cover Kids

We are happy to have this small mention of The Bike Crate – Original in No. 07 June edition of Cover Kids.

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After having been in the brick-and-mortar retail business for 1 year, we’ve decided to shake things up a bit. We’ve closed our Brand Store #1 in Oehlenschlægersgade 12, CPH, Denmark and have moved all our products, tools, materials, books and pirate ships to an underground (literally) workshop outlet. Here we’ll stay for a while and just as a crouching tiger, we’ll leap as soon as we we’ve found a suitable target.
Besides launching our upcoming Bike Crate product series we’re currently toying with a few rather large concepts: a) building an educational and entrepreneurial physical work space, b) changing the game of sales and distribution forever, and c) riding the pop-up store concept wave in central Copenhagen.

We will keep you tightly updated!

And as always and forever, you can find us, our products and our thoughts online @ bymaik.com

Rune & Andreas

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Hello there!
We are happy to present our product sheet for our coffee table series that we call RE:FURN. The tables will be launched at an event Thursday 12th of April (read more).

Click the image to download the PDF.


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Dwell Magazine

Following an email interview, Dwell magazine (www.dwell.com) wrote this great article that covers most of the products we’ve done so far, as well as revealing some of our future plans.

Head over to Dwell to read the article.

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The sun is shining and MAIK wants to celebrate by moving our new collection of limited edition coffee tables out in the sun for everyone to see.

We call our new line of upcycled furniture RE:FURN.

Please drop by our workshop studio Thursday April 12th at 3PM where we will serve fresh and delicious:

+ lambrusco

+ popcorn

+ music


Product description:

RE:FURN is a series of 14 limited edition coffee tables from MAIK. They are created from a selection of old cable drums which have all gained a unique patina from years of exposure to the elements.


The coffee tables are for sale.
For price & product sheet please catch Rune Rex on +45 2849 9300
or throw an e-mail to highfive@bymaik.com


Hope to see as many of you as possible!


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>> EPS (0.4MB) <<

>> JPG (0.1MB) <<


The Bike Crate by MAIK - Summer 2013 Series

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (34.3MB) <<

The Bike Crate by MAIK - Summer 2013 Series

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (14.7MB) <<

The Bike Crate by MAIK - 24 Hour Lookbook

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (24.0MB) <<

The Bike Crate by MAIK - Photography by Niels Kondo (www.kondo.dk)

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (56.2MB) <<

The Bike Crate by MAIK - Photography by Jon Bue Nimgaard

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (11.4MB) <<



ELEVATE by MAIK - Photography by Niels Kondo (www.kondo.dk)

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (7.2MB) <<



Build & Destroy by MAIK - Photography by Lior Zilberstein (www.liorz.com)

>> JPG HI-RES ZIP (30MB) <<


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We are happy to present our newly arrived building blocks “Build & Destroy” with a series of stunning photographs by Lior Zilberstein (www.liorz.com).

“Build & Destroy” is our reinvention of the ever brilliant, but traditional building block: 
Our blocks are not noisy, they are very light and they are soft so no one gets hurt. And, as an alert parent noted, they hurt less when stepped on…!

Colors and material combines into a nice looking trendy designed toy.

Price: €40

Available in our web store.

Each set contains 14 building blocks measuring 5x5x5 cm, all in same color.
Available colors are pink, teal, blue-grey, green, red and blue.
Materials: 100% CE-approved EVA-foam, no toxins or phthalates. Non-absorbent and dish washer safe.

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Following a one-and-a-half hour interview about MAIK and The Bike Crate, this article was printed in one of the largest Danish newspapers: Berlingske in the Sunday paper.

The article is a really nice tribute to our Bike Crate and it tells the story of both the hand-built edition and the soon-to-be-launched new models.

The article was reprinted the following Wednesday

Visit Fri.dk for an online edition of the full article.t

MAIK in Berlingske & Fri (March 2011)

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Cover Kids

This small mention of Build & Destroy was to be found in the No. 03 February edition of Cover Kids…

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The must-see concept store Merci in Paris held a big event in January during the men’s fashion week and the Paris design show Maison à objet called MY BIKE (link to Designboom) displaying the best items in bike fashionwear, bicycle and bike accessories. Of course THE BIKE CRATE was part of the expo taking center stage with a prominent display at the bike accessory section of the show (see second picture below).

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Kids Cliff

We are happy to be mentioned as SOFT AND SILENT in the small mention in Kids CIFF (The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) magazine.

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Here’s short update of what’s happening @ MAIK:

The Bike Crate Steel version is being prototyped, modified and tested by Richards engineering team. Soon it will be ready for production- we can’t wait!

6.000 new BUILD & DESTROY cubes are on their way to Copenhagen and this time in new colors:

We still have the Rock’n’roll Mittens gloves for sale at the store- only available for a limited period! 1=100DKK

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We are extremely honored by being mentioned and quoted in the January 2012 edition of Monocle magazine.

The article is part of “The Monocle Denmark Survey” (an add-on to the actual magazine) and talks about companies that are “reshaping the bike”.

Click through the gallery below for full article.

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MAIK is featured at the MUUSE blog. Read the full article “Creator Economy” Muusings by Alexandra (link to blog)

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Go’ Morgen Danmark

The Bike Crate was part of a set of ‘perfect Christmas gifts for guys’ on national broadcast TV channel TV2 in the morning show Go’ Morgen Danmark (~ good morning Denmark)

Chris Pedersen from Cover Magazine stopped by our shop and borrowed the Bike Crate that is shown in the show.

The Bike Crate in Go' Morn Danmark (December 2011)

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Testing the brand new prototype bike crates at Oehlenschlægersgade. Not often do people buy 20 kg of organic carrots ;)

The test was made to find weaknesses in the construction – and so far it seems extremely sturdy!
Both new bike crates could easily manage the 20 kg of fine organic vegetables, but we are probably going to set our recommended maximum at about 15 kg. That should be more than enough for you to commute your daily belongings and grocery shopping.

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Back from a great China / Hong Kong experience I found these pics on my camera: front baskets with lids. By adding a simple lock you can easily enclose your helmet or other belongings that are inconvenient to bring with you for that job interview or on that date;)

I like that function- we (or someone else!) should look into this!


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Fixie Singlespeed

Stéphane from the bike site Fixie Singlespeed wrote this nice article about our hand-built Bike Crate “Un porte bagage de vélo hors norme”, helping us to spread the word of our products to France!

Head over to Fixie Singlespeed to read the full article (if you know French).

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Just checking in from Hong Kong- yesterday I was at the Canton Fair 2011 looking for bicycles and stuff- and I found it!

Iphone 5-YES- anyone??

The canton fair is HUGE- I walked for 30 mins trying to find what was interesting to me!!!

Clown bikes are not only big at Vesterbro;) These ones were electricity driven though..


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We took advantage of the rain yesterday and shot this video riding with THE BIKE CRATE through the rainy streets of Copenhagen.
Our upcoming RAIN COVER kept our belongings safe and dry despite the nasty rain getting us soaked (we forgot our raincoats).

The rain cover will be ready for sale next month from our webshop and in our store.

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We got quite a few insights and suggestions from new and old customers at the cykelmarked last week.
Here’s our brainstorm that includes making a new trolly for the urban bicyclist, led lighting, iPhone supported bikecrates and loads more!

Thanks for the thoughts, ideas, feedback, critics, time and chat- we love meeting the people who actually are in need of our products and implementing needs in our development stages of the design.

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is next Friday the (14th of October) and MAIK will in the occasion have a late night opening (from 3pm-11pm) where there will be plenty of possibilities to come discuss strategies, new products, ideas, talk, listen to music, see the rest of the Oehlenschlægersgade community including ethical jewellery at Amouschka, Raw food at SimpleRaw, vernissage at VESS and plenty more. Drop by- get a warm drink- talk, look, love, leave, experience the vibrant city atmosphere at Vesterbro- come back another time!!

Here’s the official program about the other events in the city: Kulturnatten.dk

Hope seeing you then!!!!!!!

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Doing a bit of BIKE CRATE promotion while getting inspiration from the plethora of practical bike solutions here in Amsterdam.


Can’t really match the size if this crate…:


Here’s an integrated crate that I haven’t seen before:


The majority of crates/racks are mounted at the steering bar + front wheel, but some are frame mounted instead. I’ve seen two different solutions so far.




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For the first time ever Copenhagen is hosting the Road Race World Championships. The car traffic in the inner city is shoot down and taken over by the 2 wheelers during next week. We like!!!
In conjunction with this many cool initiatives are taken place around the city and MAIK is lucky and proud to be part of some of them. On the 23rd and 24th Sept. there is Københavnernes cykelmarked where MAIK will be brainstoming with hopefully a lot of awesomely open minded people.

The event is hosted by three girls – Gro, Maja and Cecilie – who has spend the last weeks preparing.
There is drinks, music and food and also live painting/decoration of a special edition of The Bike Crate by artist Basco5.

No reason not to drop by and chill and talk/sketch/rapid prototype with us at MAIK about what you think is in need of development.

Remember to tell your friends;))

and it’s 1pm till 9pm..


Here’s some pictures from the event:

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YES- this is what I like- cortado in glasses. Now, I would love to see a cortado in a MAIK glass from our coffee series. Dear gods – please provide us with a positive cash flow so we can realize this ASAP! //Rune

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Svajerløb is a legendary Copenhagen cargo bike race, held for decades in the Danish capital. We’ve revived it again and this year the 2011 version will be held on September 17th at Carlsberg. See you then!

Here is the flyer in Danish:

This picture is taken by Jan Rene Seliger – see if you can spot the bike crate??

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Erhvervsbladet – Andreas Sachse

Andreas Sachse talks about entrepreneurship in the Danish Erhvervsbladet
MAIK Erhvervsbladet September 2011

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DHL 2011

Yesterday I ran the 5 kilometer DHL for Masanga. It was my first time running DHL- did you know 125.000 people ran during the week!! A lot of fun!! Next year lets see if it will be for MAIK or the awesome Masanga friends!!
Oh- and always a GREAT pleasure seeing you guys from Kadaver//Rune

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Søndag 2011

The Bike Crate is featured in the weekly magazine Søndag (~ Sunday) in what appears to be a page with various designer products.

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Børsen Pleasure

Once again The Bike Crate draws attention. This time in the monthly magazine “Pleasure” which comes the the newspaper Børsen.

The Bike Crate is featured on a page entitled “The Urban Soul”.

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With the theme “Think Human”, Copenhagen Design Week shows the DNA in Danish design thinking; formed and founded by the Danish human tradition that descends from our constitution and our democratic society. The human tradition has for decades been the basis for Danish product design, e.g. the well-known furniture architects of the 1950’s and is now a driving force for the role of the designer in a complex world. The programme demonstrates how design can contribute solving both local and global challenges – in relation to the invididual, the society and globally.
Read more at the official website here
Join the event at Facebook HERE

MAIK will update daily about our contribution to the event- we will promise coffee for everybody showing up and also a talk about future dilemmas and of cause what the MAIK brand stands for if anyone care;)

Here’s some images from this beautiful day one:

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Just received the lightweight The Drill bike back from this years Formland along with a black bike crate.
Thanks to Pernille at Echmann Studios for making the House of Happiness exhibition awesomely cool!!! OMG- and great thanks to Cykelbanditten for representing Danish cycle culture with us!

Also here’s some links about the exhibition:

Eckmann Studio Blog

Retail Blog
The Sweet Spot
Danish interior decor blog

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Mathias Ambus Studio did it again! Mathias completely and utterly keeps amazing us! Now with having the MAIK logo showcased in Logology 2- the wonderland of logo design. Mathias – you truly deserve to have great things happen to your studio- with your profession we just know you’ll take it far!!

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The Bike Crate was featured in the Toronto Standard. We’re proud to reach so far with this product.
Head over to TorontoStandard.com for the full article including description and links to other bike solutions as well.

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Please help us understand this big mystery – it makes no sense at all – we thought Copenhagen was the biggest baddest bike city of them all with the nicest bikes – but these pictures are taken in Malmø last week. They are beauties on wheels…Well kept, new looking, retro looking- how did they get there?- and why don’t we have them in Denmark?

Also it turns out most of the bikes have a handle for carrying it up stairs etc. – who/why/when did they decide that Malmø needs these handles…





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Art Rebels 2011

MAIK and Rune Rex interviewed by Alison Withers about this and that. Read with caution ;) Art Rebels (link to blog)
MAIK in Art Rebels (August 2011)

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Erhvervsbladet – The Bike Crate

MAIK and THE BIKE CRATE is featured in the entrepreneur focused online news magazine Erhversbladet.dk (link to online article).

Getting this kind of attention is important to us, since we want to show the entrepreneurial side of MAIK as well as the more product focused side.

MAIK in Erhversvbladet (August 2011)

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